Full Turnkey

Two of the biggest costs in your supply chain are administration and working capital.

Having to coordinate multiple suppliers to have a component produced means that you have multiple orders to place and receipt, multiple warehousing transactions, and you are likely to be invoiced for parts well in advance of when you can actually use them. This is where Bylaser’s Turnkey Solution comes into play.

Through our network of approved partners we can manage a range of associate processes for you – be it welding, assembly, finishing or painting – just about anything you need. With some clients we even provide Just In Time delivery ensuring that their stock holding requirements are minimised and their production lines flow freely.

Benefits of Turnkey:

1. You have only one throat to throttle – if anything goes wrong it is up to us to fix it, regardless of which process has caused the issue.
2. It reduces the amount of money you have tied up in working capital.
3. Your components arrive ready to use.
4. Less administrative overhead allows you more time to focus on value-adding activities.
5. Our buying power and relationships with our partners means that you aren’t paying a penalty for centralising ordering through us.
6. The entire process is supported by our professional quality systems, giving you peace of mind.

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